Wednesday, April 06, 2005


OK, I admit it, I have baseline expectations. I like the left grip to stay at or above 44, and I like the right grip to stay above 90. Anything below that concerns me.

My chess rating in two-minute games hit an all-time high (for this account) of 1208. It's not that I am better, it's just that I got lucky and hit a streak of players who goofed spectacularly, or disconnected and forfetited, or just let the clock run out. As a result of this streak of fortune, bound to happen sometime, my rating went up. The average is 1580, with a standard deviation of 472.

A few games later, and I fixed that problem. I am lucky that my metrics are not tied to my chess rating!

Left grip is 45 pounds (38, 40, 45), right grip is 95 pounds (95, 90, 92), left leg balance is 6.94 seconds, and inhale volume is 4500 mL. I had a couple of falls today that I will blog about tomorrow.
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