Saturday, December 27, 2003

In ideal parenting, mom and dad split the duties 60-60. But since mom is the only one with the mammaries and if there is a nursing baby, it's at least 70-60. And now ladies, don't pile on me, because I know there can be other factors and syndromes and dag-nabbed worthless piles of man which make it seem more like 150-10. But for the last week around this house it has definitely been 90-20. I would like to thank my lovely and rather strong wife for not only putting up with lazy distracted dad but also for going through the same stress I am going through and actually functioning. My plan is to get back in the ring. As soon as today actually, when I played with the bambinos while the lady napped. The baby has a cold and has been waking up the lady several times during the night. With my digital camera, I took some pictures of the films from the second MRI. I may put a link to them into this blog. When I get around to it. I will just say this: The face is an area where brains and eyes and noses and sinuses all come together in one big mess. Amazing that any of that stuff works.
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