Sunday, January 25, 2004

I have to admit that based on the EMG results, my gut instinct now assumes it is a certainty that the ALS specialists on 1/28 will test me and tell me I do not have ALS. I found myself realizing that I had made this assumption. It feels like such a relief. Honestly, I now feel like the guy who Was Told He Has ALS. It feels completely behind me. It feels like, "That was an interesting episode!"

But my rational mind knows that their equipment and analysis may be better than those of my neurologist, and they may still decide that I have ALS. That will come as an unpleasant shock, but I would be able to cope. My rational mind also knows that even if I do not have ALS, I have this weakness and slowness and a lesion on my brain that shows in the MRI. And my speech seems to be getting more clumsy. So even if I don't have ALS, I should still be very concerned.

However, my gut has enjoyed the vacation.
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