Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Burger King
It occurred to me that my local independent burger joint might be serving food that was a little more healthy than one of the mega-chains. So after mailing the birthday DVD to family, visiting the doctor's office to fill out forms, and buying some dumbells at the sports store, I went to the Burger King drive-through and ordered the Double Whopper with Cheese value meal (#2). They had three sizes and I chose the middle size. It turned out to be a lot of fries and Coke, plus, oh by the way, a burger. That makes sense from the corporate perspective. Fries and Coke are super cheap to make and if they could, they would sell you just those. Because the margin is better. But people want a burger, which costs more to make, so while they do provide one, they swamp it in fries and soda to fill you up. I really want to gain weight and I have been super-lean my whole life. So I am in the ironic position of eating poorly for health reasons. Survival reasons.
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