Monday, January 26, 2004

A friend of mine suggested I do some juggling. This is perfect! I was looking for some kind of exercise that would retrain my nervous system and muscles to react quickly. Juggling! The perfect test and the perfect exercise!

As a kid I was able to juggle three objects, and thoughout my adult life I have occasionally (maybe once or twice a year) briefly juggled three objects. I am no expert juggler but a typical expectation would be that I could do 20 successful contacts (by that I mean a catch and throw) with each hand with very little problem. And even if I messed up once or twice, I should be able to get a nice long cycle going soon enough. Sometimes up to 100.

I just tested myself with some ideal plastic balls about two inches in diameter and weighing about as much as two floppy disks each. I tried about twenty times (while videotaping myself), and always dropped the ball after one successful left hand contact, sometimes two. I start off throwing up the ball with my right hand, and then my left hand catches it and throws it back up, and then I would usually fumble. Either because the left hand could not catch the next ball, or because it threw the first ball in the wrong way.

Looks like I am Juggling Impaired. But my pal has provided me with a very appropriate thing to work on.

We moved to this house a little over three years ago, and I remember juggling the oranges in the back yard with success.

And then my pal sent me an email with another genius stroke ... ping pong!

I recall playing ping pong at work sometimes within the last couple of years and being kind of bummed because I seemed to suck even worse than I thought I would. Maybe I am just no good at ping pong or maybe that was an early sign. We'll never know. Unless I win the World Bikini Ping Pong Championship. And what are the chances of that?
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