Friday, January 09, 2004

More lab results

The MS panel results are not in yet, but we did get some more results on the tests that were pending.

Triglycerides: 250 (was 233), normal: 130-200
Arsenic - unable to calculate level b/c reactivity of sample was below detectable limit
Lead- unable to calculate level b/c reactivity of sample was below detectable limit
Lyme disease:
---IGG factor: 0.2, with 0.8 or lower listed as "not detected."
---IGM 0.9, with 0.8 to 1.2 listed as "indeterminate" (0.8 would be"negative", and > 1.2 "positive")
Cholesterol 284 (was 282), normal: 130-200
---HDL (high-density, the "bad" cholesterol) 61, normal: 40-90
---LDL (low-density, the "good" cholesterol) 181, normal: less than 100
---VLDL ("very low density?", very good?) 42, normal: 0-42
The lab report also comes with a "CHD" number (some kinda cardiac arrest risk ratio). Mine is 4.7 on a scale of 4.1-6.6

Looks like the triglyceride reading changed a lot in the wrong direction. Looks like I don't have Lyme disease. The breakdown of the cholesterol is comforting, since I seem to have lots and lots of the "good" cholestrol and a normal amount of the "bad" cholestrol. Plus the maximum of what looks to be very-very good (?) cholesterol. For those of you unfamiliar, the good cholesterol is believed to dissolve the bad cholesterol. Those of you familiar with the Atkins Diet (I am not on it, shuh!), will be familiar with the idea that the more low-density cholesterol you have, the better. The lab seems to agree that I am not a candidate for heart attack. And it looks like I am not polluted with arsenic and lead. Good.

Let's see what the MS panel results are.

Regardless, I think this metabolic thing with the glucose, bilirubin and cholesterol needs to be looked into. One buddy suggested I see an endocrinologist.

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