Thursday, January 22, 2004

Movie Review

Every once in a while someone can send and email that just hits the spot. My brother-in-law knows just what to say about the DVD home movie I made:

We watched your movie last night.


I'm really impressed that you did not over use zoom in videoing, or transitions in editing. This is not normal for a first try. You showed great maturity.

The movie is a great documentary of a special day in the life of your son. I'm sure he will treasure it as an adult.

Your composition showed natural continuity without editing. The 'headless' style even seemed to change the viewer's perspective to that of a smaller person, apropos for this documentary. The 418 subplot was cool, as was your delicate use of subtitles and narration. My favorite device was the subliminal lens cap. (I'm impressed that your lens can focus on the back of the lens cap)

But the most superlative performance was of the cast. My compliments to your casting director.

Cool movie! You seem to have a natural talent for this. Please do more.

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