Wednesday, January 14, 2004

OK, down to business. Bushra wants to know what I will do next, and at the moment the answer is to take some time off work to do my medical research, get my exercise and diet routine together, and just generally have more time for myself and my family. Cateye says he thinks I write well. Thanks for the complement, Cateye! I do enjoy writing and I consider it therapeutic (with a value just slightly below that of access to oxygen), so you can be assured you will see a lot more typing from me. Maybe too much typing. But also, Cateye, I love coding too, and I have several projects I want to work on, free websites for playing games I want to write. Before I turned into a Victim, Ronolulu had offered my little family to stay in his guest house in Hawaii. Not sure of departure date yet, but my wife likes the idea that we should go out there. (That may not have been proper grammar but it felt better.) Laurie (and others) have wondered how I am doing. You may find this surprising, but I am doing fine. SUre, a little freaked from time to time but at a level of 2 on a scale of 10. The only things that warps me out of control emotionally from time to time is thinking about the effect of this on other people. I'm no saint, friends, but please accept that I am pretty stable, and it only worries me if I think you are freaking out. Lastly comes Anna-who-you-do-not-know. She provides really excellent links and probably just saved me a lot of time. Talk about the power of the internet! Anna-who-you-do-not-know, may I ask you a couple of questions? Is there a web ring for medical problems? I bet there is. How about specifically for ALS? Also, Anna-who-you-do-not-know, tell me a little about you and your mission ... do you surf the web as a public service, helping people who write about their medical problems? And which one do you have/had/know someone who had? I thank you for your advice.

As you all know, I am going to do real research, and talk to my doctors. But as a symbolic gesture (and those are important if they make oyu feel good), I got up this morning and drank a fair quantity of olive oil. I also think I will stop eating eggs (just for a change of pace, I have had two eggs for breakfast since I was seven years old.) And I woke up thinking about the weight-lifting I want to do ... and thought about the creatine stuff that bulks you up. And then this morning Anna-who-you-do-not-know adds her comment that it might be a good idea. I am not so sure, though, because it might give me cancer in 30 years. (Hah!)
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