Thursday, January 29, 2004

Pill Man
The clinic provided a list of things that are not proven to do people with ALS any good, but which you can take if you like. I will take all thirteen (13) gulp, of them, probably. Today all I got was some vitamin E, vitamin C, and some DHEA. I have never taken DHEA but you can get it at the local GNC. I read a glowing article about it in a magazine about 7 year ago. It is a hormone, and a hormone precursor. It causes a hormone cascade that ultimately results in the manly stuff. Aggression. Rage. Hitting. You know. And muscle mass. Which is why I'm taking it. Should help with the workouts. I also found out i was totally wrong about what creatine is. I htink I got it mixed up with DHEA. But creatine is just part of the cell energy cycle, it is something used by the mitochondria (our friends). I also found out I have been taking the creatine in the wrong way. You are supposed to take it in powder form with juice and on an empty stomach. But I have been taking caplets with food. They also say to take 5 grams instead of the 2.1 I have been taking. Anyway, soon I will be Pill Man.

The clinical trials nurse at the clinic was saying they have two trials, one with a pill and one with twice-daily injections. I mentally crossed the injection one off my list until he said that you have to stop taking creatine in order to partcipate in the pill study. I forget what that one is. And you have a 50 percent chance of winding up with the placebo. So why not just take the studied substance on your own? Altruism aside. So that leaves the Minocycline injection study which, quite frankly, I would be unlikely to do on my own. The trials nurse said the injection is "painless." My mind ignored that because I have trained it to ignore pure horse pucky, but when he kept saying "painless" I asked him to clarify and he said that the needles were the kind used by diabetics, and so tiny you cannot feel the injection. I called my diabetic buddy and he said that was close to true, there are such needles, and he uses them. But he says you basically have to hit yourself with the needles when you are first starting out, because the brain has an inate prejudice against you poking yourself with sharp objects, and will make your arm stop. Do it hard enough and fast enough, he says, and you should be fine.

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