Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Results from the MS panel are expected Friday.

I need to remember to mention to the doc that my blood pressure was high (like, I think I remember it being 141/90), on the day before I had my wisdom teeth removed. I was in a bit of pain that day, which may explain for it. (I like it that I just made up the phrase "explain for it." It sounds kinda back-woodsy, don't it?). And then, on the actual day my wisdom teeth were removed (March 20, 2003), our ground forces moved into Iraq. Nothing there to raise the blood pressure. Oh no.

In re the hypoglycemia theory, this can sometimes be caused by excess production of insulin. The lab report on my blood does not show an insulin level. I have now asked for it. Hopefully they can do it with the sample they now have. The pancreatic cancer scenario does not sound like one I want. Am I mistaken in recalling that this one is basically an untreatable doomsday? Since I have been so thin and all freakish like that since I was a child, I like to think there would be some genetic reason for any hypoglycemia I might have, and not an oncological one. I have taken some nuts to work and will get a jug of them to snack from continuously all day. I plan to become a constant snacker, to keep my blood sugar up.

As a result of the 6 pull-ups I did at the par course yesterday, (and I never do pull-ups) the arm and shoulder on the right side feel kinda pumped. A normal, good post-exercise feeling. The left side feels no pumpage. When I prodded the flesh on that side it seemed light, airy, soft. Then when I tried it again later, I reversed my impression. I think my prodding technique was wrong. When prodded using the same method, they feel the same to the prodding fingers. Both sides are slightly pumped. It's just that the left side does not emit the pumped feeling. But it does reveal itself to be pumped when prodded.

In short, I have some doubts about the 'atrophy' theory.

Our little boy got some good sleep and seems to be doing much better this morning, though he seems a little weary. We watched the baby warily because she looked like she might throw up. I am at work now. So far no call from my wife.

I must correct something I said earlier. I walk faster than anyone I know other than my wife.
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