Monday, January 05, 2004

So we got some lab results today, although the Lyme, heavy metal, multiple sclerosis, arsenic, lead, and mercury results are still pending. Yes, the results show me HIV negatve. Kind of weird looking at an analysis of your own blood. I have no idea what most of this stuff is. But the format of the report is that they have a "reference range" for the value and put your results in a special column if they fall outside the reference range, in another column if they are within the range. I personally believe I have a high degree of kavorka but they don't test for that. Here is the only stuff in my blood that deviates from normal:

cholesterol 282 normal: 130-200 mg/dL
triglicerides 233 normal: 35-200 mg/dL
albumin serum: 5.4 normal: 3.5-5.2 g/dL
bilirubin, total: 2.3 normal: 0.0-1.5 mg/dL
glucose, CSF: 55 normal: 70-115

I will talk with the doc about what these things might mean.

My sodium is on the high end of normal though I never put salt on my food. I have been eating Ramen noodles regularly, though, with full flavor packet and some of that pizza there and some of that Indian food there. So whatever. As for the cholesterol, I need to talk to one of my friends on the Atkins diet and see if I can get a pat on the back, or what.

I am at work today for the first time since the MRIs, and that feels good, but I am bummed that I forgot my running shirt and sweatshirt. A bit of a chill in the air, so I did not do an affirmation jog.

The left toes feel cold and numb all the time. The fingers on the right hand have started going numb sometimes at night. Now I can tell the difference between when they go numb due to neurological effects, and when they are genuinely asleep because I slept on them and cut off the blood supply.

I note that my muscles on the left arm seem soft and atrophied. But as with the other things I have noticed, the effect could be due to my subjective mental climate effecting my perceptions. However, my wife volunteered that my left leg, which apparently has always been the thicker one, is now thinner than the right. To me, they look the same now. Which means one of them changed.

Does this very slight limp mean I am impaired? Or just following some script in my head? Or do I have no very slight limp at all?

I am basically a coat hanger coated with some chicken skin. Those of you who know the Thin Man know that. I am, let us say, really not looking forward to getting any thinner. So the atrophy scares me. Back in the 80's a girlfriend of mine said I looked like a Survivor of the Nazi Death camps. (Yes, I remember that remark!). She was wrong, of course, but I really don't want to get to the point where that would be an accurate description. I'd settle for looking like the young Frank Sinatra. I have begun a program of conscious heavy eating, so that, hopefully, I can wind up as beefy as the elderly Frank Sinatra. Aim for Marlon Brando, hit David Hasslehoff?

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