Monday, January 12, 2004

Today I set up the appointment with the GP tomorrow, for the X-Ray and TB skin test. That's in the morning. Then the neurologist's bright and able assistant called and said he looked at my MRI images down at the imaging center (on their computer screens, which I believe offer lots more detail), and he wants me to come in tomorrow afternoon for more tests. That basically shoots my working day to pieces (if you factor in the commute), so I have arranged for a sick day tomorrow.

I suppose he could have some dramatic and awful news he wants to give me in person, because he thinks it's funny to see people faint. But in reality I think he is just scratching around for crackpot theories while we wait for the additional lab tests to come in. He may flash some lights in my eyes and make me listen to Black Sabbath albums in a dark room lit only by a red lava lamp. To observe my reaction.
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