Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Wanna play doctor?
Ironic. I was just going to start a post with "Wanna play doctor?" and then construct a theory around hypoglycemia or some atypical type 2 diabetes damaging my nervous system ... Right then, my son started vomiting in the upstairs bathroom. My wife had been sitting there with him. He had his personal copy of Green Eggs and Ham on his lap. He was constipated. Yesterday he was fine. Due to the constipation, I had, on my wife's orders, called the advice nurse. They should call back any time now. I can tell them about the throw-up.

The poor guy seems chipper enough, now, though. Maybe he caught stomach flu in preschool. Maybe I was right when I told him during his bath last night that his game of repeatedly imbibing and spitting out soapy bath water would make him sick.

Wanna play doctor? Parents always play doctor.

Tonight is my wife's night to get the boy to bed. So she is giving him a mini shower and hopefully will have a compliant lad to deal with.

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