Thursday, January 15, 2004


So I jogged to the sedate, middle-aged YMCA today, and joined. I wondered how many of the handful of other people who were there, were also there for medical reasons. My objective was to try out all the machines, lightly, and maybe get a mild workout. And I did that. I was amazed at how weak I am generally and how weak the left side is. OK, maybe you can say that I have high expectations, maybe those expectations are still rooted in when I was 30. But when you literally cannot curl a 15-pound weight with your left arm, and your right arm just pops it up with no problem, it seems dramatic. That was at the end of the light workout though, so I will try it at the beginning next time. Still, the right was able to do it and not the left. Differential. I am not wanting to make you people all depressed, because I actually feel upbeat. I have my cheater drugs now and my protein powder, and I will be running and lifting every day, pretty much. So I assume I will get stronger. The endurance bike was a laugh. I got on and set it to level 10 out of 12. I lasted for like 90 seconds. I may be inventing self-flattering memories, but I think I remember back in the day, getting on a bike like that and setting the level way high, and breezing through it with contempt.

The video project is going well. I made a very short movie of the kids. The more daunting task is the A2D conversion, and I tried that with no success. I'll try again tomorrow.
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