Sunday, February 08, 2004


I am just a wee bit tired. I am fighting off some kind of cold germs I got from my lovely daughter (who took 15 steps today). So I did not do the sprint this weekend. But I did find some softer, bigger balls intended for juggling, and was able to get up to 10 left hand catches while juggling three of those. My son has seen me juggle before, but not in a long while, and to him it was new. He seemed quietly delighted. Must be nice to see that your father is a human being and not just some severe automaton. Did quite a bit of walking today, to the hardware store and the Inneffective Supplements store. I was grumbling like the old man I am as I picked up pieces of litter left by kids along the street by the junior high school. I wondered why I did it. I knew I could never clean up the neighborhood even if it were my full-time job. And I could never gets kids to stop littering. I mean, to them, it's not only not wrong, it's a nice solution to a problem: Drop your trash and it goes away. Can't get much more elegant than that. And if they ever do think about it (which they don't), they notice that the trash seems to go somewhere. Maybe a truck from the city sweeps it up, or maybe old people get rid of it. Anyway, the system works. They operate on a more immediate timeframe. More self-centered and short-term, the way you or I would behave if we had some fatal incurable disease that was supposed to kill us in four years. Wait, I seem to have strayed from my point. So there I was picking up trash and wondering why I tormented byself with thoughts of whether it has any effect. I has no effect, except on me, and if it makes me feel good, I do it. I have to keep that in perspective. My buddy dropped up a huge stack of classical music that I will suck into the iPod. I like the music I have in there now, but I am familiar with all of it. I need something new to explore. This should be the ticket. I also started researching what the heck I am taking in these supplements. So far we're hitting the antioxidant theme pretty hard, as well as the theme of preserving your neurons. I'll post the list when I complete it. I also resolved to find a cheaper way to buy these supplements than at the GNC. There's got to be a reputable way to save money on Inneffective Supplements. I receive dozens of spam every day offering exactly that, but I think not.

Here's a question for you techno geeks (maybe Cateye knows the answer): Say you have an AC-to-DC adapter than charges, oh, say, and iPod. If the iPod is fully charged, is the adapter still drawing power? I think the answer is yes.

I had an iTunes question: How do I prepend each of the the track names (e.g. Track 01 through Track 20 or whatever) with the same string, such as the album title? Then I realized that if you select all the tracks on the CD and use the the File>Get Info menu, you can set the artist and album for all of them at once. Then you don't even have to meddle with setting each track name.
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