Thursday, February 26, 2004


The baby is eating like a wild animal, which is good. We thought this might translate to better sleeping. It has not. My wife got 3.5 non-contiguous hours of sleep last night. I probably got 5 non-contiguous hours. I don't feel too hot.

When my son came in to wake us up (2 AM?), I yawned and stretched in bed, and got a painful cramp in my left calf. This is the one that gave me problems while running a while back. By painful I mean I launched into fierce, whispered cursing, and grabbed and massaged the calf until the cramp stopped. It was kind of a spasm I guess. I was saying ALS is painless but actually I read that some people have a lot of pain from cramps. I guess that if that cramp had gone on for hours or days I would have been pretty put upon. But it was brief and I went back to sleep.

Not sure what caused the cramp potential. I had taken a power walk that afternoon.

The brother-in-law is here for a couple of days and he is good with kids.

The sump pump I put in before the baby was born is working like a charm. I was looking out the back window (into the torrent) yesterday when I heard it go off, and got to see it chuck a bunch of water out into the yard. Nice.

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