Friday, February 06, 2004

Gym Report

So for my future reference, here is the gym workout I did today. I suppose that on any given machine I could have done more, but for our purposes let's take today's workout to represent my maximum capability.

Hip abduction (squeeze) - 90 lbs / 20 reps
Hip abduction (separate) - 90 lbs / 20 reps
Leg extension - 50 lbs / 20 reps; 70 lbs, 10 reps
Seated leg curl - 50 lbs / 15 reps
Seated leg press - 150 lbs / 15 reps
Dual-axis chest press - 70 lbs / 30 reps (I've been improving a lot on this one)
Dual-axis pull down - 90 lbs / 20 reps; 90 lbs / 10 reps (quit because of possible muscle cramp)
Dual-axis row / rear delt - 50 lbs / 20 reps; 50 lbs / 10 reps
Dual-axis overhead press - 30 lbs / 20 reps (a big improvement)
Arm curl - 30 lbs / zero reps; 10 lbs / 20 reps (some improvement is needed!)
Arm extension - 30 lbs / 20 reps
Standing dual free-weight collarbone lift - 15 lbs / 16 reps each arm
Despairing butterfly (see Fri Jan 16 entry "Theft") - 10 lbs / 10 reps
Lying down free weight butterfly - 15 lbs each hand / 10 reps

For a metric against the benchmark, I am eager to get out and see what my 100-dash time will be. I fervently hope it will be a few tenths faster than last time. I don't want to see a marked decay.

As a means of affirming my able survival, I have decided to observe 'anniversaries,' of diagnosis. I was diagnosed with ALS by my neurologist on Jan. 13 2004. So one week from now will be my one-month anniversary. I know I am stronger than I was a month ago. And I hope to report that I am faster as well. Oh please, oh please!

A physical therapist said some people have abilities they want to retain, like being able to pick up your kids. I think that's a function of the kids getting bigger ... and more surly. I'm going to lose the ability at some point, but I hope it's not until after they refuse to let me. I want to retain the ability to pick up my wife. No, I mean, literally. I have always piggy-backed her, and she likes it, whether she admits it or not. I do a little rain dance. I have been doing it a lot recently, and it may make her nervous, but it makes me feel good.

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