Friday, February 13, 2004


So I went out to the track where on Jan 21 my wife timed my 100-yard dash at 16.19 seconds. That's my baseline for future comparisons. I have created an HTML table for tracking these results online.

My watch his a stopwatch function, and I know how to use it. But I still had what I call a typical Brainhell moment. After carefully marking the finish line with litter left by junior high kids, I pressed the start button on my watch and blazed down the track. My wife had previously noted that on my first sprint I wandered a bit on the track. This time I ran straight and true. I kept trying to move my left leg faster but it kept refusing, so I lengthened my stride and used my strength. I pressed the watch button as I crossed the finish line. I looked. 0.20 seconds! Augh! I had somehow messed it up. The little LCD said "Lap." Then I pressed the button which clears the time value. The watch said 15.60.

Apparently I pressed the button twice when I crossed the finish line, and began timing the second lap for 0.20 seconds. I decided that 15.60 seconds was my actual time for the 100-yard dash.

That is 0.59 seconds better than last time. I chalk that up to better form, this time, and not getting a stutter start, like I did last time. But that still means I have not gotten any slower since Jan 21.

I'll have to test this again some other day, but for now I am pleased.

Happy diagnosis anniversary!

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