Monday, February 23, 2004


I just dropped off my son at preschool. He did not have any huge poopy blast last night. And he did eat some breakfast and does not have a fever. So knock on wood.

The baby is with her mom at the pediatrician's office. Naturally we have stopped giving her the antibiotic and, while the ear infection seem to be still hurting her, she was much more cheerful and functional this morning, and no poopy blasts or vomit, either.

Parents, and parents-to-be, remember this: When you kid (1) stops eating and (2) does not sleep well, they most likely have an ear infection or some other problem. These are the two key signs that you should take them to the doctor like we did.

I actually got 6 or 7 hours of sleep last night. My wife had to get up at 2ish, 4ish, and 6ish to nurse the baby. But I slept right through it until the 6ish one. And as I said the blessing is that I did not get slapped with a torrent of vomit, or washed out the door on a wave of diarrhea.
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