Friday, February 27, 2004


Several people have mentioned "Tuesdays with Maury." I don't read fiction these days, though. Not sure yet. Baby woke at 12:30 and 4:30, which is better. I hit the couch right after dinner and after putting my son to bed.

I would like to start taking one of the riluzole on an empty stomach to ease myself towards doing that with both pills, but I have been so hammered by the kids, and with the stomach flu bug presumably still watching and waiting to pounce, I am reluctant to put myself through nausea at this time.

Bit by bit I have been transcribing the video my wife of the doctor at the clinic giving me the bad news. Actually, he focused on the positive. He said there are several strong reasons to be optimistic in my case. He also said that the riluzole results from the UK are showing better effects in people who begin taking it earlier in the process. Nevertheless, when I finally post the transcript to this blog, I will title it "So You're Going To Die..." in reference to the pamphlet of the same name that Homer Simpson received after eating the poison fish.

The right hand hurts, I think, due to a combination of using the Grib Builder too much, and too much knuckle cracking. It'll forego the Grib Builder today, and go easy on the disgusting habit. By the way, did you know that almost all computer programmers crack their knuckles. Even the ladies? Even the ladies from India!? Oh yes, it is true.

Had a very mild, fleeting proto-cramp in my left bicep when I got up this morning.
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