Saturday, February 28, 2004


The nice guy who has been sending those pro-Bush emails recently sent me a chaff email advocating boycotts against major gasoline stations, so that we can get the lower gas prices we deserve. Only problem is, I am under the vague impression that the gas prices are set further upstream, and that Exxon versus BP Amaco cannot really make a difference. I don't consider it worth looking into. I gave this guy two carefully-considered replies, and the chance to do some thinking for himself, and he just keeps sending me chaff. He's still a nice guy but I am filtering his emails to the trash.

My knees seem ever so slightly weak and wobbly, and that could be due to ALS or some other things, but while I am so sleep-deprived I discount all symptoms. Actually, last night was better. Sort of. My son came in and 12:38 AM and started fussing, which woke up the baby, who was inconsolable until my wife got her down at 2:30. Then the baby slept until 6:00, which was good. And my sweet wife took the baby downstairs and let me sleep until 7:15. So, things are not back to normal, but we are edging towards a better sleep schedule, and the kids don't appear to be getting sicker, they appear to be getting better.
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