Sunday, February 22, 2004

Rebel yell

Got to sleep pretty quick after that last blog entry. Then a rebel yell from the baby. Stagger up to use the bathroom in the laundry room downstairs. Microwave says 6:14 AM. Entire body shivers. Fasciculations? Hmm. Left hand unable to open dryer. Try again. Struggle... Got it! Death by ALS, or death by sleep deprivation? Does it matter? Slam face down on couch. Wife arrives with baby, says it is time for my expertise in getting the antibiotic into her. Oh, that. Poor baby is furious, wants to spit out every last drop I give her. I have to give her tiny squirts at the side and back of the mouth, beyond the defense of the tongue, the gnashing teeth. I scoop it back into her mouth. She's more furious. I learn to keep the plastic dispenser needle between her teeth, which inhibits the pursing and spitting. She has to swallow it, as I hold her on her back.

So far so good. It went down and stayed down. She needs it twice a day. Only nine more days to go. Until the next ear infection or stomach flu.

I love my children. They are miracles. They truly do kill you, but you would never, ever rewind the tape of time if you could.

For those of you who are young and not ready yet for children, I advise you, never ever let your naughty bits snuggle. It's that simple.

I'm heading back to the couch to re-try the face-down slam. The computer froze, but has recovered now, so shall hit the submit button. Resist and endure, never surrender.
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