Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Riluzole down the hole

Not long after the lunch of waffles, sausage, egg, and avocado-cheese-tomato sandwich, I took one of the rilizole pills. Normally you are supposed to take one twice a day on an empty stomach, 12 hours apart. But the drug can cause nasty things like nausea and vomiting, so to get you used to it gradually, the clinic advises you to start with one, after a meal. The guideline then calls for a peroid of gradual adjustments until you are taking them as described above. As a departure, my wife knew about my taking this pill, beforehand, because I asked her in a rare moment while the kids were both napping. The boy is sick with some kind of viral fever. The baby is fussy because she is teething and trying to learn to walk.

You might stand agog at the notion that my wife must go to this blog to hear most of my status notes. But when you have two kids, either they completely prevent adult conversation (I mean prevent), or one or the other of you is just too tired, panicked, busy or distracted to talk. Parents, at least the two I know, rarely talk.

Right now the kids are playing with/hassling their mother and their grandmother. I pampered myself by taking a shower and making this blog entry. Today I installed the other light fixture in the bathroom. If you are not impressed, just picture what it replaces: a hollow metal ring, semi-rusted, with a huge light bulb sticking down out of it. That was the result of my accidentally breaking a very nice fixture we previously had. I was uncareful with a broom. I don't know how long we lived with that bare bulb. A year? Now it is fixed. Yay, Daddy!

So far no nausea or vomiting. I did not do a workout today because I didn't want to stress my system while the riluzole was in it and while I was fighting off whatever bug my son has. But we did go for a walk. And saw abother spectacular rainbow.
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