Wednesday, February 04, 2004

iTunes is now busily sucking songs off of some of my favorite CDs, so that the aforesaid songs can be loaded onto the iPod. ("amoeba" by the Adolescents is worth a listen). Today my lovely wife and I had a run and went to the gym. I did my usual lifting (after several days sans lifting), and noticed I was doing about twice as many reps as usual. (I still have not written down what I am actually doing, but I will, and I will enter it in the blog). I attribute the improved lifting performance to my history of lifting since the diagnosis, and to the DHEA I have started taking. Quite frankly I think it is mostly the DHEA. In which case, then, yay!

I went to the large bookstore chain that is driving out the local independents, to get a Nolo Press book on making your own will, and I found the aforesaid. (I already have a will, witten, signed and printed, in my file cabinet and elsewhere, but I want to make a better one. One that might stand up in more courts than just the one at Pooh Corner.) But I also found a book on how to file for your own patent(s). Briefly the Should Bees enthralled me and I listened to their buzzing: "You have too many book already in a pile at home, and you made a vow t o finish them before buying any others!" Then convinced me for a moment. Then I remembered the whole ALS thingy and figured the best therapy is to be surrounded by things you want to plow through. Hence my profusion of projects. So I bought the will book, the patent book, and "Black Hawk Down." No, I never saw the movie. I figure that the book out to get my blood racing and my jaw clenching. More androsterone. Ahhhh...
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