Monday, February 02, 2004

Just got back from a run not two minutes ago with my lovely wife (and for those of you who have not met her, she is lovely, both inside and out). It started to rain during the run and not lightly. My lovely wife is also an twiggy sort of Amazon who was on numerous athletic teams and winning events not more than nine years ago. Since then she's been busy with other things such as me, and kids. But mark my words, she will be out there and winning trophies in her age group (and maybe yours, too!) within a few years, when the kids are bigger. Then the kids can win trophies and bring them home for us to polish.

Anyway, I got off track. She is not one to let rain deter her from running. So we both ran in the rain and that was nice. Also my mind appears to be drifting towards that melodramatic poetic state, because as we ran, there was a train, and I thought of this metaphor too cheesy to put in an actual poem:

I ran towards the on-rushing train,
and lived.
as it passed overhead on the platform.

And then, poetry aside, we saw a rainbow. I stopped my lovely wife and kissed her and repeated part of our wedding vows. And then she pointed out that it was a double rainbow, with a fainter one off to the West.

Those of you who are planning to read this blog until I die are in for a very long blog.

I picked up the riluzole today. I am not certain yet because I have not looked it up but I believe that the trial was conducted on people with advanced ALS. And that it extended their lives by three months is pretty impressive. Here I am at the beginning stages (jogging with my wife!) so maybe I will get extra years out of it. During which time The Cure arrives.

The thing about the Stephen Gould essay was that he said he had so much to live for, so much he was interested in. I feel the same way. If you take only the space program, there is reason to live. The Mars rovers are fascinating, and there is a wave of spacecraft that are going to be exploring the Solar System in 2004. That alone should keep me going for this year.

Not to mention all the history taking place right now (much of it awful, but still, as an acolyte of History, I am fascinated).

Not to mention my own programming projects I want to do. And a little bit of writing and editing.

And just the fun of researching this disease. I meant it when I said I intend to give myself a graduate-level course on ALS.

Plus all the technological toys that are going to be coming over the horizon. This is a very interesting time in which to live.

And I have not even mentioned the joy of being on a journey with my wife and kids. (And hopefully grandkids!).

Lots to live for.
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