Sunday, February 22, 2004


The baby was throwing up and having wet poops all morning, and my son and I went on a supply run to the pharmacy and supermarket. Diapers were on the list to be sure. We stopped in the sports supply store and I picked up a couple of hand squeezers. They call it a "grip builder." OK, whatever. The conventional one has a clicker on it to count your squeezes. Perfect for a metric, so I added a category to the Metrics table. I was able to do 11 with the left hand and 62 with the right. At a certain point my grip on the grip builder begins to distort the spring sideways and the clicker no longer clicks. I consider that squeeze failure and stop counting then, 'cause the ol' clampy hands, experienced as they are at squeezing, could not keep things under control.

And, in a real victory, my daughter perked up this afternoon and sat with me on the kitchen floor ,eagerly accepting tiny spoonfuls of yogurt ... two tablespoons in all! This is a huge amount of food, compared to her refusla to eat for the past two days. And so far, knock on wood, it has stayed in her.
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