Friday, February 20, 2004


The baby is teething in molars. Those are blunt and hurt a lot more than sharp teeth. She is also recovering from the stomach flu that makes her insides hurt. She has lost a pound and five ounces as a result of the diarrhea. She weighs less than 20 pounds. Yes we have taken her to the doctor. Yesterday in fact. The baby is miserable and woke up repeatedly last night after we went to bed. My wife took care of her. It seemed like that went on for hours and hours. I got up to help get infant's Motrin into her, and was surprised to see it was only 11:45 PM. I really want to avoid the stomach flu. The mother of the baby who plays with ours so much just got it yesterday. This is after almost two weeks of not getting it. We assumed the older children and adults would be in the clear. Last night, though, I was afraid the fatigue would give the bug an entree, so I went downstairs to sleep on the couch. Selfish? Sure. But survival too. Fortunately the Motrin helped the baby sleep another five-and-a-half hours. So my wife got some sleep. She claims.
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