Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Boy complained of tummy ache this morning and thought he might throw up. But after some ginger ale, crackers and toast, he asked to go to preschool. I called the teacher and she says he is doing fine. I am hoping that he fights off this stomach ailment. Meanwhile the baby is even more chipper, although she did have a diarrhea poopy this morning. I am hoping that is just a transitory result of yesterday's shot. Fortunately, she is eating.

Last night my wife had to feed the baby basically every hour. Still is a wreck, but somehow functioning. I kept waking up when the baby did. I am not caught up on my sleep. This morning I had thought the baby was sleeping with her mom in the bed next to me. When the crying of the baby came over the monitor by our bed, I reached to turn it off, thinking: "The crying from the monitor might wake up the baby!" That's sleep logic for you.
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