Wednesday, March 03, 2004

14 ... 41

I picked up some more riluzole today at the Costco pharmacy. The timing is good, because I'll have more than enough for our trip to Hawaii. Oh, didn't I tell you? We're going to Hawaii! To see Ronolulu. I tend to make rash, irresponsible, hedonistic decisions like that whenever I receive a death sentence.*

I did 14 push-ups today, a post-diagnosis record. I also squoze off 41 Grip Builder squeezes on the left hand and 137 on the right. Maybe I should plot that to see which arm is getting stronger faster. Yes, arm, because this thing has a major effect on the muscles in your forearm. I was looking at how my right forearm muscle responded to the squeezing by getting all pumped, as compared to my left arm which did not seem to get pumped at all (the muscles on that forearm are kind of jiggly and soft). And I was about to get discouraged about it. I was thinking that it would be nice if there was some objective way to know if exercising an ALS-effected muscle had any effect. (The ALS book I am reading says that there have been no good studies). And then I realized, wait, the record shows I am getting stronger on the left.

*You ought to be a little more hedonistic yourself, since you also have recevived a death sentence, just, a more indefinite one.

P.S. Anna (who I don't know) provides an interesting URL appropos the pro-Bush email chaff I dissected a while back. Maybe Bush is the worst president ever?
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