Friday, March 05, 2004

And you love me

Being a dyin' man and all, and so sexy too, I told my dear wife I wanted an extraordinarily expensive new computer for my birthday. But I told her that she didn't have to get it for me ... if she didn't love me. It's fast, it's powerful, it's expensive, and I'm using it now. It was extraordinarily easy to set up.

Today I took my son to the pediatrician, because his gums hurt, and he was coughing during his nap yesterday, and he has been scratching his rectum, saying it hurts. And he had a rash on his wrists and thighs. The rectal itch is due to something called pinworm, or Enterobius vermicularis. The other symptoms are due to some viral infection he appears to be recovering from.

My wife thanked me for declaring that we should take him to the doctor. I just have this rule, based on experience with him, that once his gums hurt, we need to take him in. Usually they discover something that warrants serious attention, often antibiotics. This time the news was good. All he needed was one dose of a simple pill. Mebendazole. Apparently it paralyzes the worms and they are excreted during the next bowel movement. Oh please, oh please!

These worms were nothing to look at -- they lived up to their names. When the pediatrician spread the cheeks on my little guy and displayed his waste treatment facility (which was, I was relieved to note spotlessly clean), everything looked normal to me. Not that I have seen many. Though I have worked with a few. There was the smallest amount of infintessimal whitish stuff, which I would have figured was just a few skin cells or maybe just whatever goopy stuff the body creates. No, the doctor said, those are the worms.

I failed to get a sample so that my son could look at them under the microscope I got him for his birthday.

We are both really pleased by the performance of the Mars rovers, and the confirmation of the presence of large amounts of past liquid water.

Yesterday I shot some video of myself using the pneumatic hammer to nail up the sheet of plywood I tacked in the other day. I did the two middle rows, the easy ones. Next I'll do the side rows on the edge of the sheet, where I have to nail at an angle.
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