Saturday, March 13, 2004

Singapore by land

Feeling a wee tiny bit anxious today because I think (or imagine I think) I notice an increased torpor in my left hand. Hard to say. As I must have said much earlier in this blog, you can build up your muscles as much as possible, but if the motor nerve cells controlling them die, the muscles stop working and evaporate. As the great poet John Dolan wrote, "Singapore by land." For those of you who are not steeped in the history of World War Two, just picture a guy slipping on a banana peel and then a piano lands on him.

We are leaving for Hawaii early tomorrow morning, so you may anticipate a decrease in blogging frequency, or total blogging blackout, during this period. We'll be back on the 29th. A lady I exchanged emails with, who has ALS, wrote to me that she traveled to various places in Europe after she was diagnosed, and she is glad she did, because she can no longer travel.

I bet if she rented a charter plane and brought 24-hour attendants, she could. Some people are just tight with money. I mean, how do you think the President does it?

Obviously, the doctrine of "Not Today, Baby!" will need to be flexible. Like the US Constitution. The interpretation changes. If I develop more symptoms, it may come to mean, "Are you bothered yet?" "Not today, baby!" Or it may come to mean "Are you dead yet?" "Not today, baby!"

Happy second month diagnosis anniversary! Not today, baby!
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