Tuesday, March 09, 2004


I did 15 push-ups last night, a record. I have been feeling a bit sleepy-tired for a couple of days, but the baby still is not sleeping normally (though she is improving), and the weather is warmer and I had a good, intense workout. So I don’t blame ALS. Yet.

Let it not be said that Brainhell cannot play chess. The move list below shows a game in which I played black, a few minutes ago. I am not a good chess player. But my opponent had the worse game today, and I won:

guest3011 vs. guest1324 --- 2004.03.09 13:45:25
Unrated Blitz match, initial time: 2 minutes, increment: 12 seconds
Move guest3011 guest1324
---- ---------------- ----------------
1. d4 (0:02) d5 (0:04)
2. c4 (0:01) Nf6 (0:06)
3. Nf3 (0:07) Nc6 (0:11)
4. Bf4 (0:03) dxc4 (0:18)
5. e3 (0:03) e5 (0:06)
6. Nxe5 (0:20) Nxe5 (0:03)
7. Bxe5 (0:02) Bd6 (0:05)
8. Bxf6 (0:09) Bb4+ (0:02)
9. Nc3 (0:03) Qxf6 (0:13)
10. Bxc4 (0:08) O-O (0:03)
11. a3 (0:05) Bd6 (0:14)
12. Ne4 (0:06) Qe7 (0:14)
13. O-O (0:11) Bxh2+ (0:03)
14. Kh1 (0:08) Qh4 (0:05)
15. g3 (0:04) Bxg3+ (0:07)
16. Kg1 (0:08) Qh2# (0:07)
{White checkmated} 0-1

I actually stumbled into the attack with the black bishop. I did it without thinking, because I was feeling capricious. It was only after I made the move that I saw it was a good one. He should have used the knight to take the bishop, but I guess he was flustered. Or his mom was calling out that it was his nap time.

Speaking of stumbling, yesterday I was sitting here enjoying this fantastic computer my wife got me, which is now the center of my digital lifestyle. And I got up out of my chair and must have tripped on the table leg or something. I went sprawling out of control sideways towards my wife’s desk, to the left. But my trusty left leg and arm reacted just quickly enough so that my neck merely bumped against the side of her desk, instead of slamming into it and perhaps hurting my trachea and cervical vertebrae. Yes, I said cervical, and no, I don’t mean I have a cervix. I think that’s what they call the vertebrae up there in the neck area. Which reminds me of the funny story about when I was telling Thrill that I had a problem with my cortex. “Cortex!?” he said, “I thought only women had those.”

Out of the mouth of babes.

I also have had occasion to rethink the comment I made some time back about the neighbor who said I was “inspirational.” I said at the time that it didn’t make sense, since I am only doing what most people would try to do (continuing to live life). Now, though, I think I get it. I think what she meant was that she was inspired. And that includes seeing someone such as myself do the regular thing. She drew hope and inspiration from seeing life go on. Just like I am inspired to see my daughter walk and my son use complex concepts. They consider it a matter of course. But I am still allowed to love them for it.

By the way, the Amazing Neighbor is actually organizing a large group of people to bring us meals on a weekly basis. Imagine! The key thing is to allow people to opt out and to skip whenever they feel like it. That plan should be to give them a chance to feel good through helping someone, but not impose a burden of guilt or compulsion on them if they don’t feel like it, or can’t, when their turn comes. We can always cook.

By the way, I have deltoid muscles! I mean, ones you can see. I was reaching down to take my socks off before a shower, and in the corner of my eyes I saw this actual muscle running from my shoulder down my back. This is highly unusual for me, as I haven't seen that thing in ten years. But, lo and behold, I have them on both sides. Bigger on the right. And my wife last night complemented me for the good muscle definition in my left shoulder! For those of you who don't see me naked, let me paint the picture: Visualize whole, plucked chicken from the supermarket, standing in front of the mirror and flexing. You got the stringy, light-weight kind of chicken, not the big fat heavy one. So on the deltoid region of this chicken, you notice a thin strip, or stripe, about as thick as a pencil, running down from under the wing toward the waist. Now scale that up to man size, use two Sharpie pens instead of a pencil, and you're looking at me, naked. Please deposit $3 for an additional minute.
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