Saturday, April 10, 2004


They gave me this funny little plastic toy to practice breathing with. I remember Janet showing me hers when I visited her shortly before she died. She didn't like it and it annoyed her. It's so low-tech. Americans would expect it to automatically record your personal best. It doesn't, you have to do that by moving a little plastic tab to mark your spot. It goes up to 5000 mL, and the best I have done so far is 4900. The respiratory therapist said I should be able to hit 4000 reliably. I can.

My son and I went to Sears and ordered a new, energy- and water-efficient washing machine this morning. The old one wasn't getting the clothes clean, and it leaked water into the tub. So we had to run the dryer more. The new one will be delivered Monday. I am expecting to see my utility bills go down.
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