Thursday, April 15, 2004


This morning I have been ripping down some drywall in the garage, and have started clearing the junk away from the part of the wall I exposed before the baby was born. I am going to put up a piece of sheerwall there. This makes me feel good. Even better will be the feeling when we actually get to use this space. Do you think I should switch to a Dvorak keyboard?

There is a woman who I have seen walking through our neighborhood, with long hair, and she walks slowly, at the exact same pace every time, back straight, arms at her sides. It's not a casual amble, I think, I looks like she is pushing with everything she has. And yet she walks so slowly and the limbs move in such short ranges. She makes headway, it seems to me, like a battleship. I wonder. I wonder if she has ALS or some other form of neuro-muscular disease. I haven't talked to her yet.
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