Thursday, April 08, 2004


Also, there seems to be this bias against running. Several of the people I've talked to have gently suggested swimming or cycling because running is so "jarring." That may be the case for many people, but I don't find it jarring, because I am light and I have lots of experience running. It may be the thing that keeps my bones strong. It may be the thing that keeps me from declining. I'll stick with it. I felt so good running (moderately) yesterday, both spiritually and physically. I wish I could run today. But today is supposed to be a gym day, my first since getting back from Hawaii, so I really think I should stick with that. And yeah, I could run to the gym, but I think I'll walk.

They also told me not to run up and down stairs. Once again, great advice for other people. But running up stairs is part of who I am. You might as well ask Bill Clinton not to ... uh, well. Anyway.
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