Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Not all was well and rosy Monday. They did note that my left ankle was getting a bit stiff, and told me to do some stretches. And several of the left-side joints were adjudged to be 4s rather than 5s. The rating of 3 is so feeble, though, that you need to stay in 4 territory or you have serious problems. This is an instance of a scale being too coarse. But, they have granularized it by using designations such as 4+ and 4-. So really, the scale has almost 15 slots.

I may have blogged this already, but the owie I get on my left big toe when running is not due to poor sock deployment, but rather, I am sure, due to the toe muscles or tendons (or what have you) being too relaxed. I have been consciously trying to grip in that toe when I run, to try train it to be. Maybe that, plus my ankle stretches, will reconstruct me.

The 'phrase binking' is actually 'phrase banking.' The intern to the speech therapist was going on and on about 'phrase binking' and when I repeated 'phrase binking' to her she kept going on and on, and when I asked her what 'phrase binking' was she explained it more. Finally, I said, "Oh, phrase banking!" Yeah, she said.

The idea is to store up .wav files of yourself saying things, so that later, if you need a speech device (yes, like Stephan Hawking), the machine can say lots of things in your voice. They gave me a list of suggested phrases. One is "Please let me complete my messages without trying to guess what I will say." That seems all too useful already. Another notable one: "Sometimes I get a little teary. I'm fine. Go on."

You can make up your own phrases too. Imagine Bill Clinton's phrase bank.
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