Monday, April 12, 2004


OK, so the new washing machine is here. It’s a front-loader. It’s super-efficient in its use of energy and water. I am doing the first load now. The front-loader architecture concerns me a little because I see that it relies on a large, floppy rubbery seal to keep the water from spilling out. If you were cynical you would expect that seal to degrade in a few years and need to be replaced. I thought the capacity of the new washer was slightly smaller than the massive one we had. But the guy who delivered it pointed out that is has no agitator (the post in the middle of the tub). So that adds space, and it seemed to hold just as much laundry as the old machine when I started my test load. The new washer is quiet, but all new devices are quiet. I expect my fancy new computer to start groaning soon enough. The network issue is resolved: I just had to set up a user on the other machines that had the same credentials as the user I was logged in on at this machine. Usually on networks you can see the other computer, but not log onto it if you do not have an account. I can't even see what I ain't getting. That's probably a security enhancement. But I don't like it. But now that the issue is resolved I should be able to resume my networked game programming project. In my free time! Haw haw haw. Oh, this morning I also replaced the screen on the window to my boy’s bedroom. He had knocked it out somehow. I got up on the ladder and took things slowly and carefully. My policy was: If It Falls, It Falls -- Don’t Try To Catch It.

The weather is still perfect as usual. The stretching of my left ankle really seems to be helping. This morning I drew it up tight and even popped it. I love that little popping sound you can get from ankles (if you are over 30).

I had a moment of confidence the other day while weeding with my son on the front lawn. It just seems to me that since I am going to hit my 3-month diagnosis anniversary soon with no apparent degradation, and with my breathing score actually improved, that I will still be able to walk and take care of myself 5 years from now. My goal is 10 years. It’s just a faith I have. I can’t prove it except by doing it. And by staying out of the way of that speeding ambulance carrying Michael Jackson....

Oh yeah, and the twitching in my left hand seems to have almost entirely gone away. I think it was the after-effect of me setting that record by squeezing the Grip Builder 49 times. So, the idea that my body can recover from an abuse like that despite ALS is an encouraging one. Along those lines though, I am starting to doubt the wisdom of using the 100-yard dash as a metric. Just because I could injure my muscles.
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