Tuesday, April 20, 2004


I went for a very light jog yesterday and three or four blocks from here my left calf got a cramp in it. It felt like right after you have an inoculation. Not painful in any extreme way, just a knot. So I stopped running, did some stretches, and spent the rest of my evening limping around. That was bad for morale. I can't figure out why it happened, as my exercise has been light since returning from Hawaii.

The process of converting the analog videos to digital is going well. I am approaching half done. Once I am done I will want to get rid of the analog video camera. What do you folks think I should do with it? I have this notion of sending it to a school or a reporter in Iraq or Afghanistan. But then I worry that some authority along the way will confiscate it for personal gain. Or that it would be used for illicit purposes. I don't know. But I would like to get rid of it. And I would like a feel-good feeling of dumping it on some unsuspecting person in the world beyond the normal range of our profusion.

In other news, it looks like B.D. has been hit. He's just a cartoon character but I got a tear in my eye.

Anyway, the cramp is better this morning. Not all gone but better.

Not Today, Baby!
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