Friday, April 30, 2004


I did have something interesting to say. I did. But I forgot. My wife and I went and had pizza, all by ourselves, because the babysitter watched both our kids this time. We browsed in bookstores afterwards. I bought a used book, about WWII bomber pilots. I should feel guilty about adding to my pile, but I don't, as I did recently finish The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris. Personal interest only, don't run out and buy it. I am most of the way through Cicero's The Laws. This is the one that was interrupted by the birth of my daughter 16 months ago.

Sorted pills today. Renewed my riluzole prescription by phone and the automated thingy gave me some chaff which I think will clear up.

Took out some drywall nails from the floor joists above the garage.

Transferring files from my wife's ancient laptop to her spanky new computer. One floppy at a time. It doesn't network.

Fiddled with the iPod music organization this week. Realized I had left some things out.

Went on a small hike with the family today before lunch.

Dug up a couple of weeds.
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