Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Poor use of the web

No, not the blog!

The poor use of the web to which I refer has to do with rebates. See, the super-eco-friendly washer I selected comes with $200 in rebates. The one from the electric company is $125 and the form says about a dozen times that the rebate program is subject to funds availability. Which probably means that the state legislature created the program, to make themselves look good, and funded it to the tune of, oh, say $250 -- in case anybody decided to use it. Which means the money is all gone now. That's what you would think if you were cynical. But the poor use of the web to which I refer arises in the water utility rebate. There are a lot of boxes to fill out and a receipt and a bill to attach on that form, but I noticed a little section inviting you to connect to the web site and register online for your rebate. Cool, I thought, I will save a stamp and I won't have to mail in the receipt and bill, but I wonder how the decide to trust me over the web? Nonetheless, I went to the page and filled out all the many boxes there (lots of them), and at the very end, after I had submitted the form, the Thank You page said I would receive a letter ... inviting me to mail in the receipt and bill! So in this case the web serves to waste my time, their time, create an additional mailing, and delay their receipt of my application! These are the same caliber of people who are currently fighting the war against terrorism. I just hope that the terrorists are equally adept.

I am doing a little pneumatic nailing the garage right now. My wife found somewhere a hint of a suspicion of a rumor that there may be some unproven correlation between use of pneumatic tools and ALS. And, while I have abandoned various things under the doctrine of Change Is Good, I will not abandon my pneumatic hammer. It's a guy thing.

By the way, Happy Three-month Diagnosis anniversary!!! This is exactly where I wanted to be at three months out and exactly where I want to be a year from now (unless my symptoms go away) I have this personal mythology now that the progression has stopped completely. We Shall See.
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