Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Wake up

Was hot yesterday too, but not the unbearable, I'm-frying-in-a-pan kind. The kids played in the sprinklers. Our baby and the friend baby had poopies at the exact same moment. His started running down his leg, which prompted some sudden movements by the adults. I scooped my baby girl up and too her inside to change her. I expected a runny mess until I heard the "thump!" as the egg-sized turd hit the floor.

Football is a game of inches, parenting is a game of seconds. There is an awful lot of staged decision-making you have to do. The baby either is crying or might cry if left alone, and you have to wash your hands, but you also have to secure a poopy diaper and a bunch of wipies, and clean the floor. And you have to keep the baby away from the dirty diapers and wipes, and that spot on the floor. And when you're done with that, go outside and hose down the lawn with vigor, wherever friend baby may have dripped. And try to keep your son out of it when he comes over, stands right where you want to hose, an asks you what you are doing with the hose.

Anyway, it all worked out in the end. We later had dinner on the back patio, in our paradise garden. We slept with the windows open (by virtue of the screens I had put on a year or two ago), and I woke up naturally without an alarm clock. That last bit does wonders for your health! It also helps that my wife is classically beautiful and she's the first person I see in the morning.
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