Thursday, May 06, 2004


My son apparently has been keeping his promises with regard to no 'trapping' Patrick. And he's improved on the classroom disruption front as well, but I am going to ask him to come up with some promises regarding that. I asked the teacher about his behavior in full view of my son, with no attempt to conceal it. My thinking is that he should know that we talk to each other and that we both expect the same thing.

But I also learned that they have not been expecting him to nap at school, despite our frequent insistence. To them he seems like a big kid who doesn't need one. It's easier for them to let him join the incentive of the 'friends club' -- the older kids who don't nap. But for us, when he comes home on those days after he doesn't nap, he's Caligula in the evening. I insisted again on the nap.

A couple of young men trespassed onto my neighbor's property (this is the one that has had the break-ins). I called the cops and they searched the area but I didn't see them catch anybody. I was sure they would have. Maybe they caught them fence-jumping on the other side. They had a back-up unit there.

What else can I tell ya. I put automated reminders into my computer calendar to tell me when to go on and off creatine and ginseng (3 weeks on, 1 week off, for both). And I put in daily reminders for taking pills. I am not on the computer all the time, but I often check in, that that should help. I rarely forget, but sometimes I remember the evening pills only while climbing into bed.

After my recent illness (the first once since the ALS diagnosis), I have the subjective impression that my muscles are more grabby (that's a bad thing, sort of a pre-cramping senssation). Hopefully I'm still recovering from the virus or whatever, and this is not permanent. I also have been observing my left hand since around the time of Hawaii. It seems a tad less dextrous. But I am pleased to say that these impressions are just shades on shades. Too soon to tell.
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