Friday, May 14, 2004

Erg back

For a while after the virus attack, I had low energy, particularly in the afternoon. But I am pleased to report that in the past two days I have had my usual energy. The day before yesterday I cleaned up all the leaves in front of our house, and yesterday I busted up drywall rubble and scooped it into buckets.

My weight is steady, but my wife has been bugging me to get more protein powder, so yesterday I did.

My inhaled volume is still 5100 mL, which is good. The inhaler thingy they gave me does not go any higher than 5100, but that's pretty near the top of my capacity.

There is a site, (yes, .us is a domain), where you can go to send letters and supplies to our soldiers overseas. It is privately run, not a government thing. The government stopped doing that a while back. So far I have sent some magazines. They tend to want baby wipes.
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