Sunday, June 13, 2004

5 Months

Happy fifth month diagnosis anniversary! Razz! (That's the sound of a raspberry).

OK, so the good news is that after five months I am still fully functional. Except that it seems to me that, when jogging, my left leg does not extend as quickly as it used to. A minor effect, but undeniable. Maybe my walking is more wobbly as a result. And that problem with the left big toe when jogging persists.

But on the whole, the bear ain't got me yet. I feel fit, sound and healthy. I'm happy, too, as as usual I have lots of fun projects ahead of me.

Yesterday I had a fine somatic interlude on the kitchen floor, lying there with my head on the makeshift pillow of a plastic 25' x 1" Lufkin ULTRALOCK coiled measuring tape (SV125T), color: orange. I rested the back of my head on the side with the metal clip, for hooking into your pants etc. It was so comfortable it was like heaven. I went to the gym the day before yesterday for my usual high-reps/low-weights workout, and usually the next day after such a workout, I have this fine, sweet feeling in my body. Well, although my daughter is now an excellent sleeper, my son has resumed waking us up in the middle of the night. And that night he had done it too. That kind of takes the edge off of the next day, at least for me. So I didn't feel the corporeal euphoria at all yesterday morning. My dear, sweet wife took the kids to a music class, and I stayed home to work on baseboard installation in the kitchen. (I got to buy an electric miter saw for this project). I put in a long section behind the fridge and stove, which not only required a fiddly cut in the baseboard to accommodate the outlet cover behind the fridge, but also required me (fan yourselves ladies), to hunker down and lift the enormously heavy stove to one side. No, I didn't do it with my hands, I used a length of 2"x6" wood to invoke the ancient principle of leverage.

After I nailed in the length of baseboard, and painted the nail heads, and returned the stove, fridge and rolly table to their positions, I lay on my back on the kitchen floor, with my head on the tape measure, to listen to Car Talk. That was when the heavenly feeling suffused me.


Life is good.
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