Sunday, July 11, 2004

6 months

Happy six-month diagnosis anniversary!

I'm pleased to report that I am still very functional and the slide into the crapper has not yet commenced. The limbs-control situation is the same as last month. I went jogging with my son in the jogger stroller on Sunday. I was fine. I think that the major factor and perhaps the main factor for my soma coping with ALS is to get adequate sleep. When the kids have been waking us up I am an injured person. When they let us sleep I am a bunny.

I am still working on the garage, tearing out drywall and putting up sheerwall. And baseboards.

The radiologist who originally suggested to my local neurologist that I might have ALS wants to do another MRI of my brain. I am told she plans to write a paper about it. About my brain. I read somewhere recently that seven percent of people who have an MRI cannot complete it because the experience does not suit them. It doesn't suit me either, but I think I could go to my calm happy place for another scan. Too bad they don't let you take an iPod into the Tube of Hums.

My kids are fantastic. Magical, almost. I love them.

I have many things to do. The sunrises here are good.
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