Monday, July 19, 2004


Bushra, I agree, always stay on the correct side of the crapper.

Anna, what interests her is that my first MRIs showed a freaking super-bright spot of presumed rot down the ALS pipeline, the regions of the brain usually degraged by ALS. Freaking super-bright. One could assume this meant that I was in for a hell of a quick ride to the grave, because the brain stew was bubbling. But so far, as I mentioned, I am still functional. Today and yesterday I have muscle cramps in my limbs, but I think I'll get over that. I am also tremendously sexy, if I haven't mentioned it before. The folks at the clininc said ALS almost never shows up on an MRI. But mine showed up super-bright, and they kept my MRI for a day just to get pictures of it. So anyway, I think what she wants to do is to write a paper about the fact that my MRI showed the ALS pattern ever-so-brightly. And I think she wants another MRI now, to compare with six months ago. And I think she'll want my functionality assessed by the local neurologist, so she can write:

"Subject's initially bright MRI now looks like this. Subject retains nearly normal use of limbs, plus extra-strong Kavorka field."

This morning I sorted my pills into the 8-day organizer. I even did some nailing in the garage with the pneumatic palm nailer. That project is coming along. It will take a while to complete, though.

I am trying to get a good shot of my son for my sister. She has some great shots of my daughter. So cute you would melt.

I found out that I have a blog fan, someone I know in real life, who checks my blog all the time to see if I am blathering. I posted on the 13th, and suddenly I get an email: "Yippie!"

How wonderful. I shout out to you.

I am reading a literary/historical biography of Dostoevsky right now. By Joseph Frank.
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