Saturday, July 24, 2004

Normal leg day

I saw some friends today. Also I am pleased to say that my legs stayed "normal" all day, with no cramps or pains. "Normal" for me is not the same as normal before ALS ... the muscles can certainly get tired or send warnings more quickly now than they did before ALS. But they are still reliable, and if you treat them right, and heed the warnings, you are fine. But there was a time there during the glutamate self-poisoning that they were just always quivering and whining. My son is a good boy, very admirable, and my daughter is so sweet and cute it's incredible. Yesterday I tore out about half of the remaining drywall in the garage. About 15 gallons worth of rubble, I estimate. That's three buckets. Once I get the remaining drywall out, we'll have the contractor put in a new drain pipe, water supply, electricity, and gas line for the washer and dryer, which we will move from the laundry room into the garage. The good news is that the drain pipe, water supply, and electricity already meet right there in the corner where the laundry stuff will go. Then I'll complete the sheerwall in the garage, and we'll have the contractor drywall both the rooms. Then I'll build some racks in the garage, move all the junk from the laundry room into those racks, and install a heat vent and a phone line in the laundry room, hook up the new electrical outlets in the laundry room, install the recessed light there, build or buy another desk, toss up some curtains, and turn that room into a new study. Then one of the kids can use the current study, the room I am in now, as a bedroom.
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