Friday, July 23, 2004

Pins back in action

The legs are feeling much, much better and much, much more reliable after I ceased the glutamate self-poisoning. Yay!

I have considered going on a glutamate restriction diet, but I need to do some research on that first, because the tactic could be fraught with pitfalls. You would die without glutamate, so maybe the body would start making more of it, if I restricted my intake. And then maybe that reostat would get "stuck" at the higher level and my motor neurons would be degraded. Think of it as like dieting. So I'll approach the topic very carefully.

Meanwhile, I have the best local neurologist. Not only is he good, but he's the kind of person I like. This email I sent him should give you a flavor:

I got your voicemail responding to my question. And let me just say that you are the best. You are the fatal-incurable-disease doctor after my own heart. You are the FID doctor I would want to be. Thank the anaentropic chaotic-creative processes of the universe for you!

Sorry I was out when you called. Would it work to schedule a time? The conversation should be brief. I can even come down there if you want to see whether I am crawling on all fours in a slick of my own drool.

Today I take my son to his swim lesson about two blocks away. I will be able to walk there with him. Last week I would not have been able to. Last week I had to take him to and from the oh-so-nearby preschool in the car. Next week I plan to walk him to preschool as usual.

Ah, life!
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