Monday, July 26, 2004

Rubble management

Here I have finally completed the tearing out of drywall, and I discover that my rubble management technique was suboptimal. Now, that's a fair sized pile of rubble I have there in the garage, and I started in as usual, standing there with a crow bar, and banging the chunks to bits. Ideal bit size is about half the size of a dollar bill.

It takes a fair bit of effort and a boy works up a sweat. Then I decided to try a new way, and I hunkered down and started chipping off bits with the duckbill end of the alpinesque hammer. I had assumed that this approach would tire out my arm, but in fact it was easier than using the crowbar, faster, and more effective.

But there is a goodly pile of rubble. So it will take a while. I noticed that the sharp tip of the duckbill blade on the alpinesque hammer was leaving little shallow dings in the concrete floor of the garage, so I started using a piece of 3/4-inch plywood as my anvil.

After I get the rubble in the buckets, or perhaps before, I will nail up the A-35 clamps that help strengthen the connection between the joists and the lower part of the frame.

And there is always the baseboard project, the way for which has been cleared by the fact that I bought a little tool that is basically a hacksaw blade with a plastic handle on it, and used it to bring this one piece that was freakishly out of line back into some approximation of normalcy.

Today I listened to parts of the Democratic National Convention on the radio. Even as I worked in the garage.
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