Wednesday, August 18, 2004

600 mg

Bushra, thank you for the long post.

The pills I have here are 200 mg each, so at that rate you took three. I have taken four successfully (after my wisdom teeth were taken out and I wanted to get OFF the vicodin, which, effective as they were, also scared me a bit by being TOO effective) ... and I have a buddy who is an extreme athlete who I know has taken 8 at a time, which would be, uh, doing the math: 1600 mg!

I'm surprised he didn't drop dead, but he's half ape, half mule.

I also have zee high blood pressure, or let's say, in the lower part of the high range (130/84). The warnings on the ibuprophen I have don't say anything about blood pressure, as such.

I recall that you have migraines, but I don't know if you are in any other ways afflicted. Did you talk to your doctor about your impaired limbs symptom?

I know you're not supposed to take them with aspirin. Did you? Nightshade? Cyanide?

CJ, zee dry wheezing cough is no good thing. Let me know if the ICR works for you. Think of it as like coffee.

As soon as this dry cough is behind me (and it may be a while, folks), then I can do that MRI the radiologist wanted.

The other day, after my lovely wife and I saw The Manchurian Candidate, we spurned the Barnes and Noble (the mega-chain) and went into the locally-owned bookstore and looked at books. I saw some things and when we got home I ordered them:

Inside the Kingdom by Carmen bin Ladin
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris
The 9/11 Commission Report

Whence did I order them? From Barnes and Noble. I think it is so cool how they have a link for most books you are interested in, letting you buy the book used from locally-owned bookstores all over the country.

Oh by the way, on August 13 I forgot to mention: Happy 7th-month diagnosis anniversary!!! Pfft! I say to you ALS (while I can still move my tongue like this...)
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